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1 Person Professional Rescue Kit/ Backpack

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Our complete one person search and rescue kit by May Day Industries. Comes in a durable, rugged and highly visible backpack.

Search and Rescue Kit

In most disaster situations it can take quite some time before help arrives. When lives are at stake, it’s up to you to be in control and take action.

Our complete one person search and rescue kit comes in a durable and highly visible backpack. The kit includes:
1– Hard Hat
1– Folding Shovel
1– Pair Leather Gloves
1– Safety Vest
1– Dust Mask
1– Whistle
1– Flashlight
1– Pair “Code Red” Batteries
1– Roll 300′ ‘Caution’ Tape
1– Pry Bar
1– 4 Piece Screwdriver Set
1– 12 Piece Trauma bandage kit
1– Grease Pen
2– Triage Tags
1– Chalk
1- pair safety goggles

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Weight11 lbs


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