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Air Cart- High Pressure w/o Clyinders Emergency Air Supply

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This air cart or emegency air supply is for short duration jobs with up to two hours of air. the air- cart is an ideal mobile primary or emergency air supply.
*This model comes without cylinders.

Allegro 9886 High Pressure Air Cart

9886- High Pressure

This emergency air supply or air cart was designed to be used with pressure demand respirators, the air-cart accepts all standard 30-,45- and 60-minute SCBA cyliners.

It is available in low pressure (2216 psig) or high pressure (4500 psig) configurations, and features a low pressure alarm, in line check valve for uninterrupted air flow while changing cylinders and outlets for two to five workers. An optional by-pass is available that allows the air-cart to be used for emergency escape while breathing from a compressor. Sold with a 2 worker manifold.

*This model comes without cylinders. Please see our other emergency air supply models for a complete selection.
Also Available:
Part No. 9885 Low Pressure without cylinders
Part No. 9885-01 Low Pressure with two 2216 psig 30 minute cylinders
Part No. 9886 High Pressure without cylinders
Part No. 9886-01 High Pressure with two 4500 psig 60 minute cylinder
Part No. 9885-46 Low Pressure by-pass assembly
Part No. 9886-46 High Pressure by-pass assembly

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