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Allegro 0203 Standard Fit Test Kit, Banana Oil

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This Standard Banana Oil Kit is for quick fit testing. The Allegro 0203 kit contains two 1 oz bottles of the test agent, vinyl test enclosure, measuring pipette and paper towels all in a handy carry bag.

Banana Oil Respirator Fit Test Kit

Allegro 0203

For quick Respirator Fit Testing the standard Banana Oil Respirator Kit contains two 1 oz. bottles of test agent, vinyl test enclosure, measuring pipette, and paper towels in a handy carry bag.

  • MSDS Name: Isoamyl Acetate
  • Catalog Numbers: IS540
  • Synonyms: Banana Oil; Isoamyl Ethanoate; Isopentyl Acetate; 3-Methylbutyl Acetate; Pear Oil.

We also carry the deluxe banana oil fit test kit as well as many other respirator fit test kits: saccharin respirator fit test kits, Bitrex Respirator Fit Test Kits and smoke test respirator test kits.

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