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Allegro 0350 Eyewear Cleaning Wipes (100/Box)

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Eyewear Cleaning Wipes by Allegro great for cleaning safety glasses, safety goggles or computer screens. These pre-moistened wipes are individually wrapped and measure 5" x 8" each. The individual packages makes it easy to carry in a workers pocket to clean their safety glasses when needed instead of having to return to the cleaning station box each time. This not only saves time but aids in keeping employees on the job longer and more productive.

Eyewear Cleaning Wipes

Allegro 0350

Eyewear Cleaning Wipes are perfect for cleaning eyewear or computer screens, these 100 individually wrapped pre-moistened Eyewear Cleaning Wipes feature wipes feature anti-fog, anti- static, silicone free cleaning. Excellent on glass or polycarbonate lenses. Industrial workplaces require eyewear protection such as Safety Glasses or Safety Goggles. These Eyewear Cleaning Wipes are perfect for industrial lens cleaning and computer screens.

Eyewear Cleaning Wipes

Eyewear Cleaning Wipes are packaged in a box  of 100 wipes per box.  Excellent on glass or poly carbonate lenses, the large 5" x 8" Eye wear Cleaning Wipes are stored in a wall-mounted cardboard dispenser. Dimensions: 4 3/4"  W x 9" H x 2 5/8" D. Concentration 15% isopropyl alcohol concentration, 4% non hazardous ingredients, 81% water.


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