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Allegro 4100 SCBA Deluxe Wall Case (Includes Window, Shelf, Bracket)

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Allegro’s large capacity Deluxe Wall case provides convenient respirator storage and protection from dust, moisture and damaging plant environments. It is made of corrosion resistant ABS, including the hinges and latches. It includes a shelf and single SCBA universal cylinder bracket, as well as clear markings on the face of the door for clear identification of contents.


  • Door: Single, hinged and riveted
  • Seal: Buna-N Rubber
  • Material: Acylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, ultraviolet inhibitors


  • Material: Clear cast acrylic
  • Size: 5.7” (14.4 cm) X 10.7” (27.1 cm)


  • Slots: Case has three slots for shelf position
  • Material: Clear cast acrylic


  • Style: Universal
  • Material: Mild steel
  • Coating: Powder coated white
  • Tubing: Solid
  • Diameter: ¼” (.63 cm)

The deluxe respirator case comes with a shelf and single SCBA cylinder bracket.

  • exterior: 20"w x 13"d x 32-1/2"h
  • interior: 18"x x 10"d x 28"h
  • weight: 13 lbs.

** The Deluxe SCBA Wall Case- comes with a shelf and single SCBA Cylinder Bracket.

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