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Allegro 9400-26 26" Manhole Sign

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Allegro 9400-26 Manhole Sign are made of a high impact poly carbonate that fits under the manhole cover. Its material offers a view into the manhole while the ventilation holes allow air out while allowing water to drain in. You can also use your instrument probes without having to remove the sign from its current position.

Manhole Warning Barrier

Allegro 9400-26

Manhole Sign Meeting OSHA’s confined space warning requirements by reminding workers to follow proper confined space procedures, these high impact poly carbonate manhole warning barrier signs fit under the manhole cover. The clear material offers a view into the manhole, and ventilation holes allow air out, and water to drain in. This manhole warning barrier also allows use of instrument probes without removal. Available in two sizes.

Place this manhole sign directly under the manhole cover to remind workers to follow proper confined space procedures. Made of high-impact poly carbonate.

** Custom sizes and signs of our manhole warning barrier are available with volume orders. Contact our office for details 800-506-0091

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