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Allegro 9401-12 Plastic Manhole Shield

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This Allegro 9401-12 Manhole Shield was specifically made to keep water and mud out of manholes.

It is made of lightweight yet rugged polyethylene in a bright yellow material.

The 4 outrigger support gussets work to stabilize the shield and the 12" sides work to keep water and mud of our your manhole while you work. 

Constructed of rugged, lightweight Polyethylene with bright yellow material that resists fading.

This manhole shield will fit 27", 30" and 32" diameter manholes with an inflatable seal that ensures a watertight seal.



  • Bright yellow for easy visibility
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • Polyethylene material


  • Bright yellow material that resists fading
  • Will fit 27” (68.5cm), 30” (76.2cm) and 32” (81.2cm) diameter manholes
  • Inflatable watertight seal
  • 4-outrigger support gussets that stabilize the shield
  • 12” (30.4cm) tall to keep water and mud out of manhole

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