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Allegro 9401-45 Deluxe Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifter

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Allegro lightweight Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifters are specifically designed to eliminate the need to bend over when lifting and removing cast iron utility and valve box covers reducing strain on your back and body!

The magnetic field penetrates texture surfaces of lids and allows the operator to ergonomically lift the casting out of the way reducing toe and finger injuries.

They also feature a locking On/Off handle for safety and makes removing covers quick and easy.


Lid Lifter

  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction
  • Lift and move steel pieces or scrap without bending over
  • Reduces strain on your back and body
  • Reduces toe and finger injuries
  • Lightweight
  • Locking On/Off handle for safety


  • On/Off Powerful Permanent Rare Earth Magnet
  • Switchable • Penetrates textured surfaces
  • 9401-45 (Deluxe): Lifting capacity of 75 lbs. (34.0 kg)

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