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Allegro 9503-03 Receptacle, 20A, 120 (EX)

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Allegro 9503-03 Explosion Proof Socket is for use when working in hazardous locations. This socket has an iron mounting box that has a triple coat finish along with a spring loaded door that will work to keep dust out of the receptacle when you are not using it. A neoprene gasket located inside the receptacle seals and plug works to keep the dirt, water and other foreign matter out.

Explosion Proof Socket
Allegro 9503-03
For use in hazardous locations. Features and iron mounting box with triple coat finish and spring-loaded door keeping dust out of the receptacle when plug is not in use. When the plug is in use, a neoprene gasket inside receptacle seals and plug keeping out dirt, water and other foreign matter.

Plug: NEMA 20A, 1 HP, Explosion Proof
Connector: 125VAC, 20A w/ spring cover
Poles/Wires: 2P3W Grounding
Door: Spring Door
Box: 1-Gang
Hubs: (1) 1/2”
Dimensions: 3 3/16” L X 6 3/16” W X 6 1/4” H
Material: Aluminum, Malleable Iron
Color: Gray

*Do not use where electrically conductive dusts are present (most coal dust is not electrically conductive).

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