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Allegro 9871-01 Remote CO Alarm/Strobe Light System

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The remote CO alarm system uses a 50' cable to go with workers into the work area and effectively warn of the presence of carbon monoxide in the air source with a 90 decibel alarm, and in very noisy environments, a flashing strobe light.
The system is house in a rugged Pelican carry case or may be wall mounted and attached to any Allegro Air Filtration Panel.

The Allegro Industries “Remote CO Alarm/ Strobe Light System” is designed and built to be an additional means of warning users when using an Allegro Filtration Panel where the Carbon Monoxide level has exceeded 10 PPM. This remote alarm system can be connected up to the filtration panel by means of a 50’ (15.24m) cable that plugs into the filtration panel. This allows the user to keep the CO Alarm closer to their working areas assuring them of being warned if the CO levels exceed 10 PPM. The alarm consists of both a loud 90 decibel audio alarm and a highly visible red strobe light.


  • Housed in a portable, rugged Pelican case
  • Handle for easy portability
  • Latches for protection and security
  • Assembled with a yellow powder coated cage to protect strobe light


  • 90 decibel audio alarm
  • High visibility strobe light
  • UL approved


  • 9V DC alkaline battery (2 ea)


  • 50’ (15.24m) length
  • 18/2 AWG SJOW
  • 300V
  • Water resistant

Height In. (cm) Length In. (cm) Width In. (cm) Weight Lbs. (Kg)
10½” (26.6 cm) 9¼” (23.4 cm) 7½” (19.05 cm) 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

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