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Allegro 9904-36 Replacement Variable Shade 9-12 Auto Darkening Lens Kit (For use w/ 9904-W)

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Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet Replacement Variable Shade Lens Kit Allegro 9904-36. This variable shade lens kit was made for all types of welding processes such as TIG and TIG pulsing. This lens kit featurs both optical as well as magnetic arc detection system to ensure that the filter will not open if the sensors become blocked. It is solar powered with dual sensors. Active viewing 1.6" x 3.8"

Replacement Variable Shade 9-12 Auto Darkening Lens Kit
(for use with 9904-WB Deluxe Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet)

AUTO-DARKENING FILTERS: (Replacement ADF PN: 9904-36) •

Viewing area: 9.3 sq. in. (2.36” x 3.93”), 23.6 sq. cm (5.99 cm x 9.9 cm)

  • Arc sensors: 2 • UV/IR: Up to shade 16, permanent outer coating to protect eyes
  • Battery: Solar Cells primary with digital Lithium powered backup (lasts 5 – 10 years)
  • Switching time: 1/10,000
  • Light Shade Modes: 3
  • Dark Shade Modes: 5-14
  • TIG rating: <5 Amps
  • Grind mode: Yes
  • Magnetic Sensor: Yes
  • Standards: ANSI and CSA
  • Sensitivity: 8 Settings
  • Delay: 8 Settings

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