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Allegro Work Tents for Confined Space Areas

Posted by Michelle Sparks on Jan 18th 2016

Allegro Work Tents

First Aid and Safety Online has been an authorized distributor of Allegro Industries products for over 14 years. We pride ourselves in offering Allegro’s full product line at great prices while also offering friendly customer service. Allegro Industries began in 1987 offering high quality safety equipment through their loyal distributors. They specialize in design and manufacturing through development of niche markets within the safety industry. They engineer as well as manufacture complete lines including, but not limited to respirators, air sources, ventilation equipment, ergonomics, respiratory accessories, eye wear maintenance as well as confined space equipment.

In this blog post, I thought that I would provide you with a bit of information about the work tents and or utility canopy shelters and accessories that Allegro Industries offers for use in confined space locations, utility work and other jobsites that need protection from the elements. You can depend on Allegro Industries along with First Aid and Safety Online when you are shopping for confined space equipment that will not only provide you with the shelter your workers need, but also equipment that will last a long time and provide you and your employees with the protection needed on many, many job sites in the future. Allegro Industries manufactures quality products and stands behind their products.

Confined space is defined as an enclosed or partially enclosed space that is not normally designed for human occupancy. These spaces typically have a small or restricted opening for the entrance/exit and can often times represent a risk for the safety or health of those who work in them. Working in confined space areas require special equipment needed to keep employees safe while aiding you in abiding by all applicable rules. Each confined space comes with its own unique hazards. Confined spaces are not necessarily small and can be located above or below the ground surface. They are found in most any work place environment a few examples are hoppers, utility vaults, silos, sewer pipes, access shafts, truck or rail tank cars, aircraft wings, vaults, cold storage, wells, boilers and manholes to name a few. Ditches and trenches found on many jobsites can also be considered confined spaces when the openings to them have limited access.

Hazards that you may find in confined space areas include:

  • Poor air quality
  • Fire hazard
  • Noise
  • Radiation
  • Shifting or the collapse of certain areas or of equipment
  • Visibility
  • Biological hazards
  • Allegro Industries complete line of confined space equipment includes work tents and work tent heaters to meet your specific job site needs. They offer work tents as large as 8 feet deep by 8 feet wide by 7.5 feet in height which includes 2 doors down to their super convenient economy work tent or utility shelter which measures 6 feet deep by 6 feet wide and 7 feet high. There are several different sizes in between to meet most any confined space or utility company’s needs to protect their employees and equipment from the elements.

                                                                             Work Tent Allegro 9403-66

    The economy work tent springs from a backpack into a full size tent in mere seconds. This quick set up can be accomplished from the inside or outside and has two floor to floor fiber poles that offer you better stability as well as structural strength while in use. This economy work tent features one large door for entry and exit as well as two large windows that offer easy access for workers as well as their equipment. The bottom of this work tent is open allowing for protection while workers are working over manhole covers or excavation sites. This smaller tent folds into a 31” x 2.5” and weighs only 22 pounds. The high-vis green color is highly visible to others nearby alerting them to workers inside or below the work tent.

    Allegro’s larger deluxe work tents are also very user friendly and durable. They also set up very quickly from the inside or outside with a fiberglass rod frame. This unique frame was uniquely designed to not pull out nor poke through the fabric. Each of the deluxe work tents come with a handy attached roll up flap which also provides you with compact storage as well as easy transportation between job sites without missing a storage bag since it comes attached. We thought that was quite cleaver of Allegro to design their work tents that way! Each of the 3 sizes of the deluxe work tents either have 1 or 2 doors that have a zipper as well as roll up design for ease of use. The pitches on these tents provide workers with extra headroom as well as structural strength which repelling snow and water during inclement weather. These tents have free standing structural stability built in making them stable during windy conditions. High visibility green in color along with the white tops make them visible while also allowing for light to enter in through the white color for color matching. There is also a handy blower duct tube in the rear of each deluxe work tent for easy access as well as a covered window for easy access to work equipment. Each of our work tents are flame retardant.

    Also offered in their lineup of work tents is the hi vis green utility canopy shelters that have the option of a side wall kit. This utility canopy is perfect for confined space work sites, utilities work or any place where shade and or shelter is needed or required. This shelter offers workers 100% UV protection and is also water as well as fire resistant. Set up is a breeze as the powder coated steel frame does not require any tools for set up. There are built in pull pin leg adjusters allowing you to raise or lower the shelter as needed and or to level it if placed on uneven ground where your work is taking place. The canopy in this shelter has a full truss ceiling design. Four steel stakes and nylon rope are included to help you secure the canopy shelter. This shelter is super easy to set up or tear down at the end of a work project and comes with a handy storage bag. The dimensions of this utility canopy shelter is 10 feet by 10 feet and has a clearance from ground to the lowest tress is 7 feet and 1 inches. The overall height is 11 feet. This shelter weighs in at 53 pounds. Also available is a side wall kit that provides protection on 3 sides of our canopy shelter. The 3 side wall panels are white in color and are made out of polyester making light easy to filter through for color matching. It attaches easily with a hook and loop style strap.

    Available to work with any of our work tents is the popular work tent heater. It is lightweight yet offers a heavy duty rugged design of an all steel housing with enclosed heating elements and sealed motor for added safety. It has a 5 blade fan and plastic handle for easy transportation. This work tent heater can raise the temperature 50 degrees Fahrenheit in a work tent. Easy to adjust thermostat knob adjusts from 32 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Super user friendly and has a proven reliability track record. This heater is UL listed; CSA approved and requires 110 V AC while offering 1500 watts of 5000 BTU with 115 CFM airflow. This heater weighs a mere 14 pounds and measures 12” x 8” x 12” in size.

    Allegro also offers other great confined space equipment such as manhole lid lifters in many different styles to meet a particular job site needs, manhole shields and guard rails to fit around a manhole. The manhole shield has an inflatable seal that works to ensure a watertight seal to keep water and mud out of the manhole as you work. They also manufactures a line of dewatering pumps, DC submersible dewatering pumps, low water pumps and standard pumps that offer top discharging while allowing continuous operation in low water levels. Several different work umbrellas round out Allegro’s line of confined space equipment that work to protect workers while working in manholes and or utility workers. One of the confined space umbrellas is nonconductive. These umbrellas protect an area approximately 40 square feet in size and protect workers from the elements such as rain, snow and sunshine.

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