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​Bandages -Hi Vis Blue Bandages- Metal Detectable Bandages

Posted by M. Sparks on Nov 9th 2017

Bandages- Band-Aids- Plasters-Hi Vis Blue Bandages- Metal Detectable Bandages

Whatever you call them based on their use or part of the world that you are from there is one thing for certain- we all use band aids or bandages from time to time depending on the type of work that you do.

The food industry relies heavily on the use of Blue Band-Aids or hi vis blue bandages for many reasons. The main reason for any bandage use is to protect a cut from infection. However, the really big reason people who handle food wear blue bandages is to protect the food that is being produced, manufactured or served from contamination. In the rest of the world we prefer that our band aids not be visible to others, but in the food world they are looking for the opposite. In the food world whether it be a large processing plant or a restaurant kitchen they want bandages to stick out and be visible. If for some reason a hi vis blue bandage slips off the wearer it will “stand out” easily allowing that batch of processed food or individual plate of food to be quickly removed and disposed of before it reaches the consumer. Since the color blue is not a regular food color, it stands out the best of all colored bandages.

Hi Vis Blue Bandages come in several different styles such as the most common 1” x 3” Blue Strip BandaidHi Vis Blue Knuckle Bandaid, and Hi Vis Blue Fingertip Bandaid to cover most any cut or abrasion an employee may need to cover during their work day. We also offer hi vis blue finger cots that offer another layer of protection. Blue Finger Cots are also called Blue Finger Condoms and are an essential part of your restaurant kitchen or food processing plant’s needs. Finger cots provide protection from cuts or wounds on fingers while working and can prevent infection from disease. Blue finger cots also cover bandages and other types of dressings on fingers to keep out dirt or moisture. Finger cots are the perfect solution for hard to bandage fingertips.

Our hi vis blue bandages including blue knuckle bandages, blue fingertip bandages and blue strip bandages are all metal detectable. Each of these bandages contains a small piece of metal under the pad that allows for metal detection with most metal detectors.

Other facilities that rely on blue bandages are:

  • Pharmaceutical processing sites
  • Catering companies
  • School cafeteria
  • Restaurants and other food prep locations

Of course, we also carry a wide selection of tan colored bandages to meet your needs outside of a food processing facility. Choose from our flexible strip bandages, fingertip bandages, knuckle bandages, junior band aids along with our large patch band aids and plastic strip band aids. The most popular is our flexible strip bandages that measure 7/8” x 3”. These bandages are extra heavy weight and flexible and will stay put during most any situation or work day. Our fingertip band aids, junior band aids, and knuckle band aids are also made of the same heavy weight woven material and contain the same strong adhesive to power through your workday with you. These band aids are all latex free.

First Aid and Safety Online offers a wide range of first aid kits, supplies for any size office, plant, restaurant, or food processing facility.Feel free to give us a call or email us to discuss your specific needs. We are always happy to provide a quote or advice in helping you in getting your first aid supply kits well stocked. 

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