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​Finding the Right Job Site Safety Equipment

Posted by Stephany Lehman on Jun 21st 2016

Finding the Right Job Site Safety Equipment

No two jobs are exactly the same. However, no matter where you work, job site safety should be a primary concern. Most job sites are going to have their dangers, but some have more than others. Maintaining proper job site safety is crucial for all workers. This includes a proper attitude towards safety, knowledge of safety procedures, and having the right safety gear for the job.

Staying Safe with Standard Safety Gear

Construction work is a great example of an occupation filled with various hazards. The materials being used and the location of the work can introduce specific hazards that are unique to a particular job. At the same time, there are some fairly standard pieces of safety equipment that you will find at just about any construction site as well as many other work sites where job site safety is important.

Standard personal safety gear includes:

- Specialized gloves

- Hard hats

- Slip-resistant boots

- Safety glasses or facial shield

- Earplugs

There is also more specialized safety gear that is not necessarily mandatory for this type of work, but could still be of use.

A cooling vest is a great piece of gear for controlling your temperature throughout a hot day. The vest is usually soaked in water for several minutes and can keep your body cool for the rest of the workday.

Gloves and Sleeves For Every Job

Gloves are a staple of job site safety. Almost every line of work encourages the use of gloves for safety purposes. They are used in various forms of manufacturing, during electrical work, construction work, meat packing and even in the food processing industry, although, different lines of work may require different types of gloves or sleeves for optimal safety.

A doctor, for example, is required to use latex gloves. Not just for their safety but for the safety of the patient, as well. Some doctors have made a transition to nitrile gloves. Of course, neither of these would be considered very safe at a construction site, on a roof or in a factory where there is a lot of moving of heavy objects.

PVC dot work gloves are becoming extremely common in these types of work environments. They are made from a cotton and poly blend with an array of PVC dots on the palm of the glove. The PVC dots improve the grip of the glove as well as the durability.

Kevlar burn sleeves are now being used in a range of occupations to increase job site safety. They do not cover the fingers, but rather the palm and the arm. They can be used in conjunction with gloves for maximum protection.

Kevlar sleeves are designed to be lightweight, washable, and to comply with the FDA standards for handling food. They are resistant to heat and do not conduct electricity. This makes them valuable in food processing jobs, during electrical work, or when working with high temperatures.

The Right Attitude

Gloves, hard hats, goggles, and vests are not enough to keep you safe at the workplace. They will certainly do their job, but only if you know how to do yours. Job site safety starts with having the right attitude towards safety.

It is easy to push safety to the side, especially when stress or pressure is building, but those are the times when safety should be on your mind because those are the times when mistakes are most likely to happen. If you have the right attitude and an understanding of job safety procedures, then you can rely on the safety equipment above to keep safe.

Stephany Lehman is a successful businesswoman and natural health enthusiast. She often answers questions on the website,where you can ask questions and receive answers from expert authors and researchers.

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