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Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Posted by Michelle Sparks on Nov 23rd 2016

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

As you and your family begin planning your holiday travel plans this year we have a few tips that will make your travels safer and smoother. Whether your holiday travel plans call for a car ride to visit with family and friends or a plane ride to a far away destination our tips will help to ensure that you arrive safe and sound. Keep in mind that you and your family are not the only ones traveling during the holiday season, there are lots of people that will also be joining you on the road or in the sky. Be sure to pack an extra dose of patience as your head off on your journey.

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Safe driving tips during the holidays:

  • The most important part of a road trip is ensuring that your vehicle is given a proper maintenance check up to ensure that everything is in working order. Be sure to also check the tread on your tires and that the air pressure is correct for the type climate you’ll be driving in.
  • Map out your travel route ahead of time and consider timing your drive though the bigger cities during non-peak hours to avoid the headaches of rush hour traffic in cities that you are not as familiar with. Also, plan alternative routes in case traffic backups become overwhelming.
  • Have your roadside assistance phone numbers (whether AAA or through your car insurance) handy in case of an accident or if an incident occurs on the road.
  • In case of an emergency, keep your cell phone charged at all times during your travel.
  • Be sure to pack an emergency kit with the needed items such as: spare tire, a jack as well as jumper cables. Also needed are tire chains for snowy conditions and working flashlights.
  • Be sure to keep a warm blanket or mylar blankets which use your body heat to keep you warm.
  • Pack an Automobile first aid kit is also a must in allowing you to take care of the unexpected boo-boo’s or headaches that may occur during your journey.
  • If you will be traveling though areas prone to snow during the winter months be sure that you are familiar in how to maneuver your vehicle on icy roadways. Always allow snow plows and sanding trucks to do their jobs and allowing extra space giving your plenty of room to stop. We carry several Roadside Emergency Kits such as our Urban Road Warrior Survival KitHigh Visibility Incident Units and even our smaller Roadside Emergency Kit  that will aid you in the case of a vehicle break down. Each of these kits contain items needed to aid you in repairing your vehicle such as jumper cables, flashlight, screwdriver, gloves and much more. Of course these are items you hope to never need, but you will be happy to have them if the need arises during your travels. 
  • Pack a few snacks and drinks for your trip to keep everyone happy in between stops.
  • If you are traveling with children package up a few different large zip lock bags with things that will keep them interested. Bring out one bag at a time to keep them surprised as your trip moves along and avoid the “are we there yet?” questions.
  • Take plenty of breaks during your drive or switch off drivers if possible. If you feel tired find a rest stop or business parking lot and get out for a stretch and some fresh air. If you still feel fatigued consider getting a hotel for the night and start over fresh the next morning.
  • The best time to “hit the road” is early in the morning or late at night after the majority of the traveling public is off the road.

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Flying tips during the holidays:

  • Be sure to check with your airline regarding their carry on restrictions for carry-on luggage as well as fees they charge for your checked bags. Many airlines offer a lower checked bag fees if your purchase it prior to day of departure.
  • Pack as light as possible to avoid oversized checked bag fees
  • Always pack in a small carry-on bag any medication, expensive cameras or electronics so that they travel along with you.
  • Be sure that all of your checked as well as your carry-on bags have a luggage tag on them with your name and cell phone number. We also advise that you print out your name, destination and cell phone number and place “inside” your bags as well just in case your luggage tag is lost.
  • Make photocopies of your important information such as passports, credit cards (front and back) and driver’s license. Leave one copy with a friend or relative at home and keep another copy with you separate from the original documents or cards.
  • Pack a few healthy snacks to avoid getting hungry between flights or during delays (which can happen if weather impacts the part of the country you are traveling to or from). We also suggest bringing an empty water bottle and filling it once you have made it past security. Having your own water bottle will save your money over buying the overpriced bottles in the airport. 
  • We also recommend you pack a small Portable First Aid Kit to be ready for any first aid needs that may arise during your travels. 

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