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Let us help with your facility signage

Posted by Michelle Sparks on Nov 23rd 2015

Let First Aid and Safety Online outfit your company from the front gate all the way through!

Keeping you covered from the front gate of your facility all the way through to the back dock. We can assist you with signage in all aspects and areas within your facility from the front gate, parking lot, front offices, production entrances, production floor to your back dock.

Let’s start with your facility's front gate. This is the first contact employees, vendors and guests have with your company. Having a well-marked facility shows the pride your company has, supports safety while reinforcing your corporate branding. Make it a strong first impression by having one of our impressive Signal Digi Day Outdoor Electronic Scoreboards. These scoreboards can be custom created to meet the needs of any size company- large or small. They were made to be installed in a vast array of locations such as employee entrances, parking lots and many more spots. These customized safety scoreboards can be created in any shape, size or custom features you need. By using custom cut to shape words you can quickly command the attention needed from both visitors and employees. Did we mention that these scoreboards can also be made into really BIG signs? Our 4 foot by 8 foot will command lots of attention. By utilizing the familiar traffic light signal along with your scoreboard you will help to create a safe working environment. Let us know the space requirements and we will get together on putting your thoughts into reality. We will only need a rough layout of the sign you envision along with your company logo and the art department will get to work creating a proof for your review quickly.

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We also offer customized parking lot signs that we can create to meet your personalized needs. Do you like to recognize your employees of the month? No more ordinary parking signs for you- let us help you create a unique parking sign to show employees, contractors and visitors that you are serious about motivation, creativity as well as pride in safety. Our hanging parking permit tags and Cling Parking Permits are available in both stock and custom to meet your specific needs. They are available in bright colors to be visible at checkpoints or when monitoring among parked cars. Parking permits can also be customized to include your company logo and specific identification numbers.

Drive Safe Banners serve as reminders to employees, delivery workers and professional freight drivers to buckle up for safety and to refrain from texting while driving because someone is waiting for them to come home safely at the end of their work day or shift! We also offer a huge selection of motivational banners that work to promote safety while motivating employees in a big way! They feature eye catching phrases, bold color graphics along with colorful images to work alongside any type of safety message you are promoting during a certain month or holiday! These motivational banners are printed on durable, reinforced poly sheeting with double stitched hems and metal grommets for easy display.

We also offer customized motivational banners allowing you to be as creative as you want to be by including your company’s logo, personal pictures and verbiage that goes along with your safety message. All of these banners are perfect for specific training, safety campaigns, employee morale and to promote your company’s safety message.

Your company’s front office or front desk is where the tone is normally set for visitors, contractors and prospective employees. Make your visitors and employees feel welcomed and that their safety is valued. This area of your company is the perfect place to display banners, digital signage and safety scoreboards such as our mini digi day electronic scoreboards which are the perfect size for a front counter display to let your employees as well as visitors know that safety is key to your operation. These mini safety scoreboards measure 14” x 10” and are only 1” thick. The safe working days advance automatically every 24 hours and run off of a lithium battery. We can also assist you with a consistent theme by creating visual edge motivational signs, kick off banners for safety events you may offer throughout the year as well as evacuation map holders alerting to your safety procedures in place if needed during an emergency. We help you to always be prepared for any situation.

The production floor entrance is a very important transitional area for all employees. It is vital that you keep all of your employees on the same page for your overall safety program to be successful. We can help you carry a consistent theme as well as safety message from the front office all the way to the production entrance and way beyond. We offer PPE-ID charts which help to reinforce the safety equipment needed to be worn within your facility as well as Safety Scoreboards to help keep your employees motivated to work safe each and every day! The PPE-ID charts attract attention by reminding employees, contractors and visitors about the requirements to wear protective equipment while in the plant or facility. Our PPE-ID charts are in full color and fully customizable. They were designed to identify your particular company’s approved PPE required for use within the facility as a whole or by individual departments or sections. These charts are made to be displayed at entrances, doorways, time clocks and locker or changing areas. They also help to assist non-English speaking workers quickly recognize the required protective equipment and to reinforce already posted warning messages while strengthening awareness of the required PPE helping to keep employees safe while on the job. Also available are PPE dispensers for eye protection, hearing protection, disposable booties, respirator masks, gloves and more!

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Also helpful on the production floor are our digi day electronic safety scoreboards that count up automatically each day to keep track of your company’s accident free workdays while motivating employees to work safe each and every day! Our eye-catching electronic scoreboards offer an interactive way to inform and alert employees while promoting safety! Our digi day scoreboards are for inside display while the digi day plus scoreboards are for wet or damp conditions while mounted under a protective overhang or covered area. The new Digi Day 2 Scoreboard has 2 color displays to track you’re accident free days in green and accident days in red. All of our safety scoreboards come in a variety of styles to choose from and can even be customized to include your company logo or special verbiage for your facility. Now offered are our changeable face digi day electronic scoreboards allowing you to change up each month to keep your employees motivation running even stronger with a new message each month or quarter. These magnetic face plates are super each to change out and we offer many different styles to choose from to keep your safety message fresh.

Your production floor is where most occupational injuries tend to occur thus making this key area where safety and organization are a must! We offer a variety of ways to keep safety front and center on your production floor, warehouse floor and other production oriented locations. Our 5 S Site Boards, PPE-ID Charts help to keep your production floor organized and ensure that tools and supplies are returned to their designated storage location at the end of each shift or work day. The shadow outlines on each board make it easy to see which tools are out on the floor. PPE-ID boards help you “show” employees what types of PPE are required for each part of your facility. These PPE-ID boards are also helpful for non-English speaking employees by providing a visual of the required protective equipment needed for the job site. Lockout Tags and Site Tags help you to comply with tagout requirements of the OSHA lockout/tagout standard by using lockout tags when working on equipment and or machinery. You can also use these tags to mark and identify the lockout situation. Site tags provide immediate identification of those working on the locked out equipment by displaying a digitally printed workers photo, information and a safety message. We also offer many different styles of inspection tags, status record tags, confined space tags and more to help you quickly mark and identify specific hazards within a certain area of your plant. Safety Signs are a must in any work environment and based on the hazard how detailed of signage is needed. We offer a large selection of safety signs to meet each section of your plants needs to provide required messages regarding certain safety issues, requirements and more!

Don’t forget your back dock area. This area of your facility is where working safely plays a critical role in fulfilling customer’s orders. We offer additional motivational banners to keep employees in this area working toward safety goals while on the job and also keeping drivers alert to hazards around them and their trucks. Your back dock is another great area to display a safety scoreboard to keep all of your employees on track for a safety working environment. Our DOT Flip Placards offer you an easy way to change multiple hazard placards by flipping over the placard signs to meet each loads hazards. DOT Placards work to identify specific hazardous materials by applying to visible locations. Transport shipping labels safely identify the appropriate hazard outside of packaging and containers helping to keep employees and other safe when handling hazardous materials.

By keeping your employees involved in your company’s safety program they become vested in keeping things running smoothly and safely each and every day!

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