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New Year's Safety Resolution for 2017 success

Posted by Michelle Sparks on Nov 9th 2017

What did you add to your New Year’s Safety resolution for 2017?

Well folks it is that time of year again to set our resolutions for the New Year! If you are like most American’s (myself included) you have set super high expectations for yourself year after year and tend to fall a bit short of following through on your resolutions. In fact, most resolutions fail before the end of January rolls around (that’s a short time period- 31 days to be exact). The biggest reason that most resolutions fail is because people tend to set unrealistic goals for themselves and try to do too much. Does this sound somewhat familiar? I know that it sounds very, very familiar to me.

To set yourself up for success this year, I suggest setting small goals that you feel that you are able to attain throughout the year, instead of the typical huge and overwhelming goal that we typically set on January 1 of each year.

Resolutions also apply to the workplace as well- Safety resolutions are for everyone on your team and the resolutions you and your team work towards aids in everyone’s safe working environment. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Start small, try to focus on one particular hazard within your workplace rather than trying to tackle making your entire worksite or place safer all at one time. While making your entire workplace safer is a great goal, sometimes size can make that goal difficult in obtaining quickly. By focusing on one key area at a time you can focus your full attention on that one area which will help you to move on to the next key areas a build on your successes.
  • Focus on changing one behavior at a time. It is impossible to change your company’s safety culture overnight but you can begin changing things slowly and add more as your work group begins to adapt. We offer some great safety banners that will aid you in your goal of bringing safety awareness to everyone in your workplace, plant or facility.
  • Talk about your goals on a regular basis. Effective communication within your group is essential to obtaining your safety resolution goals. Don’t forget to listen to your employees during this process. Many times employees have valuable input that employers may not have as much day to day interaction with such as certain aspects of a plant or facility or certain parts of the facility or on different machinery that the employees work with on a daily basis.

A few items that may help to promote safety within your facility with our safety awareness banner sets and other safety banners that will aid you in promoting your specific safety message including custom safety banners that can include your company logo or a specific safety message.  Our digi day electronic safety scoreboards are a great way to keep your employees motivated to work safely each and every day. The digi day safety scoreboards count up your safe working days. These safety scoreboards are available in both indoors as well as outdoor safety scoreboards depending on your facility's specific needs. Digi Day changeable face safety scoreboards have a magnetic face that can be changed out to display a different face such as holidays or different safety messages to keep your employees motivated. If you really want your safety message to stick out in a big way, be sure to view our Signal Safety Scoreboards. The signal safety scoreboards can be totally customized to fit your facilities needs including your company logo along with wording, colors and layouts to meet your specific safety goals. The three signal lights promote the safety status in your facility, while the scoreboard numbering system lets you keep up with your "safe working days".

We also carry some great safety habit signs that will motivate your employees with encouraging, motivational and sometimes funny words! All of our safety signs are designed to stand out and be seen! 



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