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Severe Cold Weather Alert Signs

Posted by Michelle Sparks on Feb 1st 2016

Severe Cold Weather Alert Signs

Cold Weather Alerts

Cold weather has arrived in a big way and with most of the country either blanketed in snow and or freezing temperatures it is important to warn as well as remind employees, customers and visitors of the potential hazards that exist during this time of year. Danger is often found during a snow or ice storm or when temperatures stay well below freezing keeping walkways slick from ice accumulation. Injuries from both slips and falls create upwards of 300,000 serious injuries each year. This danger also exists year round in cold storage and food processing facilities that keep temperatures at a certain temperature 12 months out of the year.

Statistics state that over nine million emergency room visits each year are due to slips, trips and fall injuries due to snow and ice accumulation during the cold winter months. Workers miss on average 38 work days due to these type injuries. That is more than a month that a worker is off the job costing both the company and employee extra expense.

Let us help you prepare and most importantly prevent injuries during these icy and cold winter months with the proper signage and other facility markers which will help to inform and instruct employees, visitors and customers what to expect and how to prevent injuries.

We offer a wide range of facility and plant markers and signage to choose from such as our quick sign fold ups that are super easy to set up. These quick fold-up signs are self-standing and will indicate the danger of icy conditions in a certain area. They are made of molded plastic that can withstand cold temperatures. A handle is built into the signs allowing for easy portability. When not in use they easily nest into one another allowing for nesting during storage or transport. Our reversible fold up signs are double sided and work to warn passersby of ice and potential for slipping and injury. These signs can be stood near an icy or slippery hazard area to reduce fall injuries by advising caution in slippery conditions. The double sided design signs can stand on their own and can also be reversed to match hazardous conditions. The bright yellow color draws attention to the cautionary message.

                                                                   Caution Slippery Hazard Fold Up Sign

Another warning marker is our quad warning safety cones that are brightly colored and highly visible. These tall, four sided cones work to warn of hazards. The conical square design resists tipping. They are stackable and allow for easy storage or transport when not in use. Shop our PFE419 Slippery Hazard Fold Up Sign.

Safety Signs are another great way to alert others of potential danger. We offer a wide selection of caution signs and danger signs to meet your plant or facilities specific needs. Caution safety signs and danger safety signs work to inform people to be aware. The bold and big letters make our signs easy to read and alert others to take precautions.

Freezing temperature indicator signs and Temperature indicator signs can be used in conjunction with ice alert indicator signs to immediately warn of freezing conditions to prevent traffic accidents and slips and falls. The Ice Alert indicator signs dial changes from reflective silver to reflective blue only when the potential for ice conditions exists. It eliminates the need to find a thermometer to see the actual temperature. Under 36 degrees Fahrenheit the dial turns and blue starts to become visible by 33 degrees F. By freezing, 32 degrees Fahrenheit and below the bright blue is fully shown. Activated by cold temperatures, the visible blue indicates the potential for developing ice- especially if the surfaces are wet. When the temperature rises, the blue dial moves back to silver. This unit is self contained and does not require batteries or electronics. Our Ice Alert Indicator Sign is ruggedly designed in an encased clear faced plastic with holes for wall or post mount. This indicator sign was designed to reduce the risk involved with costly slip, fall and driving accidents related to icy conditions on your property. Allow it to alert pedestrians and motorists alike of dropping temperatures and to be aware that ice may be present or forming. We recommend that this indicator is installed near entry or exit points along: sidewalks, walkways, ramps, steps, stairways, doorways. These ice alert indicator provide immediate warning, helping to reduce the time spent looking for and setting out proper signage and cones identifying the potential for slippery hazard ice conditions and signals to maintenance workers when to apply deicer or other non-slip compounds.

Temperature indicator signs work in conjunction with the ice alert indicators to provide instructions for when the ice alert indicator changes colors from silver to blue indicating that icy conditions may be present. These signs work to instruct people how to understand the temperature disk signs. Post them along with the disks to ensure that drivers and pedestrians are aware of icy surface conditions.

                                                          Status Alert Flip Plac Sign

Status Alert Flip Plac Signs help to alert when conditions change allowing you to quickly flip to the appropriate message for the current weather conditions. Each of the open panels has a distinct background color, utilizing the three color alert system of red, yellow, green and a message to convey the level of hazard severity and related action required. The legends available for winter weather are slippery conditions - ice on surfaces, possible slip conditions – watch for ice on surfaces, clear conditions – no ice on surfaces. One sign with ice on surfaces messages can take the place of having to change or replace three, therefore reducing labor and other related costs. These status alert flip plac signs are ideal for posting where conditions frequently change.

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