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Summer Travel: First Aid Kit Essentials

Posted by Michelle on May 17th 2017

Summer Travel: First Aid Kit Essentials

Summer Travel is almost here and I am busy making summer travel plans as I am sure most of you are as well. It is easy to get caught up in the planning phases of destinations (beach, mountains or maybe even something even far away like Europe, Hawaii or possibly an exotic destination like Thailand or Bali). Well now that my dreaming of fun summer vacation spots has come to an end for a little while, let’s talk about putting together first aid kits for either car travel or airplane travel. First Aid and Safety Online Inc. carries many different types of first aid kits that will find your travel needs and will be the perfect travel companion to keep you and your family safe as you travel around this summer.

To get started deciding on first aid kits and first aid supplies we suggest that you go through your existing first aid supplies and kits. Be sure to toss out any expired supplies and make a note of items you need to purchase in order to have a fully stocked first aid kit ready for whatever may come your way as your head off on your fun summer adventures. If for some reason you don’t have a travel first aid kit we carry many different styles and sizes to meet your travel adventure needs from large trauma kits down to handy zippered first aid kits perfect for your vehicles glove box or suitcase if you are traveling to your destination by plane or cruise ship.


Some of the needed items in any first aid kit are:

  • Bandages (assorted sizes for any type of cut, scrape or other first aid need requiring a bandage)
  • Antiseptic wipes or alcohol wipes (perfect for disinfecting cuts or scrapes prior to putting a bandage on)
  • Triple antibiotic ointment (this will assist your cut or scrape in healing after you’ve disinfected the area)
  • Burn Cream (perfect for burns and even sun burns)
  • Pain relief tablets (such as our Pain Zapper Tablets for headaches or body aches)
  • Tweezers (handy in removing splinters from feet or even to remove ticks if one happens to hitch a ride while you are out hiking in the woods)
  • Mylar blanket- to help retain heat for an injured person or it could be used as a signal device if needed
  • Ice Packs (great instant relief from a bee sting, or other ailment while on the road)
  • Index card with important information written on it such as your doctor’s phone number and your health insurance information. You most likely have this information in your phone or wallet but it is nice to have it handy in case of an emergency. Also important to add to this list is the phone number of the nearest urgent care clinic and emergency room in the area where you’ll be vacationing. If you are traveling abroad write down that countries equivalent phone number for 911. (I feel it’s better to be well prepared)

For road trips we have several options available that should meet your needs such as our Urban Road Warrior Kit which contains most anything you and your family may need in an emergency situation while traveling such as jumper cables, fire extinguisher, flashlight (with batteries), leather palm work gloves, auto spot light, whistle, mylar blanket, waterproof poncho, drinking water, high intensity light sticks, swiss army style knife, utility knife, wet naps hand cleaners, reflecting triangle, help sign, emergency instructions and of course a useful first aid kit.

If you need a smaller first aid kit- we carry many different styles that should meet your needs. Choose from soft sided first aid kits small enough to fit into your vehicles glove box, fanny pack first aid kit handy for hiking to keep your hands free to medium sized plastic first aid kits filled with the needed first aid supplies to keep you and your family prepared for a first aid emergency while away from home.

The Soft Sided First Aid Kit come in a handy zippered pouch and are available in several different sizes to meet your needs the handy 299 piece kit contains a variety of items in a well-organized kit that will make it easy to find the first aid supply you need in an emergency. It contains handy clear pocket pages with easy to locate supplies. Our outdoor first aid kit is also housed in a soft sided zippered pouch making it easy to toss into your backpack while you are out hiking, boating, camping or other outdoor adventures. This outdoor first aid kit contains first aid supplies also in handy clear pockets.

Our hope is that you will not need your first aid kit while on vacation this summer, but we think that it is always best to be fully prepared for any situation especially when you are far away from home. 

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