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Winter Season and Winter Storm Prep provides helpful tips

Posted by Sparks, M on Nov 9th 2017


Winter Storm Prep

With winter still upon us in many parts of the United States we have prepared a list of things that you can do to prepare your business, home and automobile along with tips that can help you lessen the risk of falling while walking outside.

Preparing your business and or home for winter weather:

  • Caulk around your doors and windows (both the glass and trim) as well as around all of your exterior trim. Installing or replacing weather stripping on all of the doors and windows and checking for cracks around your pipes and or electrical outlets that enter or exit the walls of your structure will help to winterize your property and save energy.
  • Have your heating systems checked by a licensed HVAC professional at least once per year to ensure that units are working properly.
  • Check the gutters to be sure that they are free from leaves and debris. Clean them if necessary. 
  • Check your roof and replace any shingles if you find missing or damaged pieces.
  • Check the foundation for any areas that water might puddle and create a fall hazard.
  • Trim trees away from your business or home to prevent damage from falling limbs. Tree limbs covered in ice become heavy and have a tendency to break off and could cause damage to your structure.
  • Drain and shut off outdoor water faucets. Insulate any water pipes that may be exposed to cold temperatures.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check your fire extinguishers and make sure that everyone knows where they are located at and how to use them.
  • Check your winter storm supplies to ensure that you are well stocked and ready. Some of the items you may need are snow shovels, rock salt, flashlights, blankets etc.

Winter Weather Tips to Prepare Your Automobile:

  • Check and winterize your vehicle before starting any traveling especially if you are planning a road trip you want to ensure that your vehicle has been properly checked out. Be sure that your battery has enough power and that your antifreeze compartment is filled.
  • Always keep your gas tank near the full level to prevent ice from forming in your fuel lines and to prevent you from getting stranded due to low fuel.
  • If you live in a climate prone to winter weather or if you are planning on driving to an area that has winter weather upcoming be sure to stock your vehicle with a survival kit that contains the following items: blanket, mylar blanket to maintain body heat, first aid kit, flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, sand or kitty litter, snow shovel, took kit, compass, knife, road maps, water bottles, high calorie snack foods, and a fully charged cell phone. Our Urban Road Warrior Survival Kit contains all the necessary items you need on the road. Our Roadside Emergency Kit also contains the tools needed to get your vehicle back up and running in case it breaks down. 
  • Be sure to wear layers and have a hat, gloves and winter boots packed for just in case they are needed.

Tips to Prevent accidents, slips or trips on snow and ice

Here are a few handy tips to help you prevent slipping while navigating on snow and ice this winter:

  • Clear the walkways of any snow or ice and spread a deicer as soon as possible. Salt or kitty litter are also helpful.
  • Wear the proper footwear (now is not the time for pretty high heels). Pair of insulated as well as water resistant boots with a sturdy rubber tread are a must for walking during and or after a winter storm. It is recommended that you keep a pair of rubber overshoes with good treads that can fit over your street shoes in your car or office to use as needed.
  • When navigating over snow or ice take short steps and walk at a much slower pace than normal so that you can react quickly in case you lose traction. 

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