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Bradley S19-310PVC Corrosive Emergency Shower Eye and Face Washes

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Bradley S19-310PVC Corrosive Emergency Shower Eye and Face Washes

PVC Emergency Shower and Eye/Face Wash 

Our Bradley S19-310PVC emergency Shower /Eyewash by Bradley, for corrosive environments offer a plastic showerhead and bowl, 2" schedule 80 PVC pipe. This emergency eyewash features all metal components that have stainless steel fittings.

* Complies with ANSI Standard Z358.1
* Universal Identification Sign and Inspection Tag Included
* Corrosion-Resistant Schedule 80 PVC Construction w/all Stainless Steel Valve Fittings
* Drench Shower exceeds minimum water flow of 20 GPM at 30 PSI
* Eye/Face wash exceeds minimum water flow of 3 GPM at 30 PSI
* Now with new SpinTec showerhead! View Details
* Full, One-Year Warranty

Specifications of Bradley S19-310PVC
Combination Drench Shower and Eye/Face Wash Unit saves space and is durable for highly corrosive work environments. Shower valve operates quickly by a pull rod with a triangular handle. Shower provides a superior wash down with a more even spray pattern. Eye/face wash is operated by a highly visible push handle Safe, steady water flow under varying water supply conditions from 30–90 PSI is assured by integral flow control in the spray head assembly. NOTE: The ANSI Z358.1 standard requires an uninterruptible supply of flushing fluid at a minimum 30 PSI flowing pressure. Eye/face wash spray heads contain an antimicrobial agent to protect the sprayheads.

For information about any PVC emergency shower or other shower not listed here, please contact our office at: 800 506-0091

*See attached data sheet on this Bradley S19-310PVC emergency shower

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