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Bumper Post Wrap

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Bumper Post Wrap help to reduce sideswipes, scrapes and dings to the vehicles that come too close to your posts and bollards.

Bumper Post Wrap

* Sold by the foot

Reduce inadvertent sideswipes, scrapes, and dings to vehicles that come too close to posts and bollards.

Bumper Post Wrap, a soft flexible vinyl, installs around barriers, beams, bumper posts and bollards. The 12"w x 1/2" thick black wrap has raised horizontal ribbed stripes that act as cushions and are yellow for highly-visible contrast. The non-marring, flexible wrap provides padding around small to large posts and conforms to other shapes - square, rectangular, oval. Bumper Post Wrap can be stacked to protect any height or lenght of post. The double layer wrap has hollow spacing at every stripe to run strapping (up to 3/4"w) or cable ties (sold separately) to attach securely to posts.

The Bumper Post Wrap also serves to protect the posts from constant abuse - eliminating unsightly chipping and paint flaking off.

Measure the circumference around the post for proper fit. Available per foot in continuous lengths up to 40 feet.

sold by the foot

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