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BurnFree Burn Dressing 4"x4"

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Burnfree Dressing

Burn Free Gel Burn Dressing is the most advanced first aid burn treatment for emergency burn care! Great Burn care to have on had for burns to quickly remove the pain while removing the heat and cooling down the burn.

BurnFree solves the immediate first aid needs for all types of burns by relieving the pain, rapidly removing the heat, and cooling the burn.

BurnFree Sterile Dressings are designed for first aid use on all types of burn injuries. The dressings are constructed of a special, soft, open-cell foam, and are elastic enough to accommodate possible swelling or the need to flex joints. BurnFree dressings are non-adherent and the inert foam will not shed threads, strands, or fibers that could become embedded in the wound. The pliable foam holds 50 times its weight in gel. This means that more BurnFree gel will stay in contact with the burn.

Instructions For Use:

Tear package open, remove burn dressing, apply immediately to burn area, wrap area without applying pressure. Leave dressing in place for maximum of three hours and seek medical attention.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Emulsifiers and Preservatives

The 4”x4” (10cm x 10cm) BurnFree Sterile Dressing is our most popular dressing. It is a standard size that works for most burn applications.

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