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Caution Do Not Enter / Caution Keep Out- Reversible Fold Up Floor Sign

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This Reversible Fold Up Sign has the verbiage Caution Do Not Enter / Caution Keep Out to allow you to mark hazards easily! You have the advantage of having 2 signs in one handy fold up sign.

Reversible Fold-Ups Floor Signs

Caution Do Not Enter/ Caution Keep Out

Mark temporary hazards with lightweight plastic Reversible Fold Up floor signs - and they''re reversible!

Reversible Fold-Ups Floor Signs provide the versatile advantage of having two signs in one. Signs are printed with bold messages and symbols on the panels to warn and direct. Flip and fold the sign inside-out to reveal the other message, now on the outside panels. Signs are made of lightweight, waterproof corrugated plastic with fold-and-insert tab design to stand 20"h x 12"w. They have a carry handle cut-out on top and fold flat for transport and storage. They are economically ideal for limited purposes or disposable for one-time use.

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