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Cold Zone Barricade Tape

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Cold Zone Barricade Tape allows you to section off hazard areas or danger zones quickly.

Plastic Barricade Tape

Cold Zone Barricade Tape

Also known as Perimeter Tape and Barrier Tape. High-visibility Barricade Tapes are a quick, temporary, and effective way to surround or section-off hazard areas, danger zones, and construction sites. They send the warning message to keep out of restricted areas. Also ideal for crowd and traffic control purposes.

Barricade Tapes are non-adhesive, self-wound on a roll. They unspool, cut easily, and can be fastened with any method - adhesive tape, nail, staple or tie off. Printed tapes have clear, bold warning message that is continuously repeated the length of the roll. Lightweight, yet durable, tapes are 3-mil polyethylene plastic that can withstand indoor elements and outdoor weather conditions. Material is economical and disposable, yet can be reused. Rolls are compact and can be stored for emergencies or planned projects.

3" x 1000 ft rolls

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