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TAW101 glow 10/pk
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Lumi-Glow Tags

Be able to see your tags anytime -even in the dark! Use Lumi-Glow Tags for hanging onto temporary set ups rather than installing a sign or label for the short term. Ideal for situations where there is the potential for a sudden blackout or power failure situation - in which glow-in-the-dark tags would still be visible.

Install tags on -
· switches and controls · equipment that is in the process of being moved · machinery that has been opened up
And any other areas or objects that are out of the norm and could be a hazard in the dark when reaching out or in one''s pathway. Tag is bonded on both sides with glow material, so it can be seen from either side. Any light source "engergizes" the photoluminescent material, which appears nearly white in regular light and glows green-yellow in the dark. Tags are resistant to UV-light, moisture and light chemical splash.

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