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Digi Day 2 Electronic Safety Scoreboard Accuform SCG117

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Digi Day 2 Electronic Safety Scoreboard allows you to count days- safe work days are counted in green and immediately after a lost time accident, be aware of safe work days counting in red. You can also track days 2 ways now either a full 7 day week or shorter weeks if your company only works 4,5, or 6 days.

Digi Day 2 Electronic Safety Scoreboard


Scoreboards featuring "BEST PREVIOUS RECORD" include: One (1) electronic display to count safe days and one (1) magnetic display with changeable numbers set to track record number of days.

Celebrate safe work days counting in green …and immediately after a lost time accident, be aware of safe work days counting in red.

Proudly display safe work days that count up in green – electronically and automatically – with the next generation Digi-Day®2.The LED display mounts in a frameless designed scoreboard. The innovative scoreboard design takes the image to the edge and wraps it around each side for visual depth.

Digi-Day® technology is maintenance-free, removing the need to manually write in the daily update of safe days. The internal clock behind the LED numbers advances the safe days every 24 hours. The display is tamper-proof, only controlled by the easy-to-use, multi-function remote control.

Show Display in 2 Ways
Be able to control the LED to display only the safe days count, or flash between safe days, time, and date. internal clock automatically advances based on your setting preference.

Track Days 2 Ways
Track the full 7-day week, and the count accumulates continuously for each day. Or, count only working days. Does your company work 4, 5, or 6 days? Now you can set to track only those days.

Count Safe Days in 2 Colors
Set the count day for the LED display to change from red to green. If a lost time or OSHA reportable accident occurs, re-set the display to zero. Then, determine and set the number of days to stay in red to alert employees. Once that set number count day is reached, the display automatically turns green.

Additional Features
The display count can be set to freeze or hold. in the event of a power failure, all the information remains stored; then operations resume when power returns. There are notification indicators for the hold and power failure events.

Digi Day 2 Safety Scoreboard Specifications:
For indoor use only
28" x 20" x 2" aluminum construction
Built-in hidden rear mounting brackets
Four-digit, bright LED display with 2 1/2" H numbers
Operates on 110 VAC with 6-ft power cord

The all-new, intuitive Digi-Day® 2 remote lets you set up your digital display in seconds. Advance remote features allow for changeable display and setting the work days counted.

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