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Digi Day Plus Outdoor Electronic Safety Scoreboard- Semi Custom SCM339

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Electronic Safety Scoreboard- We have Worked ____ Days Without a Lost Time Accident Scoreboard - 28" x 20" Keep track of safe work in your workplace. Call today if you need help ordering a Safety Scoreboard. Let us help you identify safe days and motivate employees with this safety scoreboard featuring your company or department name.

Digi Day Plus Electronic Safety Scoreboard

For Outdoor Use

Semi Custom- allow us to add your company name to this safety scoreboard

____ Has Worked ____ Days Without a Lost Time Accident

Safety counts electronically and automatically. Eliminate the hassle of manually updating safe days!

The innovative frameless design takes your safety scoreboard’s image right to the edge, wrapping it around each side to give it depth and unmistakable visual impact. Heighten awareness and visibility of safe work days. When employees, contractors, and visitors notice your Digi-Day® Scoreboard, they notice your ongoing commitment to a safe workplace.

• Made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum.
• Features durable frameless construction.
• Award-winning Digi-Day® technology.

Digi-Day® technology eliminates the daily need to manually change numbers or write-in safe work days, like done on traditional safety scoreboards. Brightly-lit LED number display has an internal clock that automatically advances your safe days every 24 hours. Tamper-proof electronic display is controlled by and easy-to-use handheld remote and stores the last number in the event of power failure.

Safety Scoreboards are available in three styles: Digi-Day®, Digi Day 2 and Digi-Day® Plus+

Digi-Day® Plus+ Specifications:
• For wet, damp, harsh locations* • 36" x 24" x 2" Aluminum construction
• Four-digit, bright red LED display with 4"H numbers
• Built in hidden mounting system
• Operates on 120VAC with 12-ft. power cord
• IP65 tested for dust and water resistance
• Power receptacles exposed to wet environments should be plugged into a GFI outlet with weatherproof protective receptacle cover.

*Mount these safety scoreboards under protective overhang or covered area.

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