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Disposable Tweezers Individually Sealed -10/bag



Blue Disposable Tweezers

Disposable Tweezers or Blue Disposable Tweezers are disposable so you can toss them when you complete your job.

These plastic tweezers reduce the risk of cross contamination of a wound by being disposable. They are perfect to use when removing a splinter or other foreign object as well as the perfect tool in food preparation to avoid cross contamination of food products. Our Disposable Tweezers are sturdy and compact and individually wrapped eliminating the need to sterilize them, simply use and toss away. The tips of the plastic tweezers have serrated tips that are ideal for picking up small objects. The disposable tweezers also have blocks that keep the forceps from crossing over allowing you to get a good grip when you pinch down. 

Keep these disposable tweezers within easy reach when you need to grab something tiny. These blue disposable tweezers are also available in single count and 100 count bags. 

* Disposable Tweezers 10/bag

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