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Exit Through Lobby Sign Glow Sign NYC-26 Sign

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Exit Through Lobby Sign has an Arrow Diagonal Up Left and is a Glow Sign used for emergency situations in the dark.

High Performance Glow Signs/ NYC-26 Sign

Exit Through Lobby Sign (W/graphic) Arrow Diagonal Up Left- Glow Sign- 7" x 16"

In an emergency situation in the dark, leading the way out is top priority. Install the brightest glow directional signs for quick and safe evacuation.

When the power goes out, areas in the facility can be completely dark along the evacuation route. High performance glow signs are ideal to light the way to safety. Use signs along passageways, around obstacles, hallways and stairways to clearly mark the direction to the nearest exit. These signs feature ISO symbols and ANSI green letters - appearing near white in light and glow bright green in the dark.

High performance glow is advance photoluminescent material that is MEA approved - refer to New York Local Law 26 for proper legend and placement.

Install signs will double sided foam tape (sold separately).

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