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Eyewash Solution 1 oz.

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Always keep a bottle of 1oz. Eyewash solution on hand to treat debri, that may be in your eye. We will not be beat on price.  Lowest Price Guaranteed.  If you see this Eyewash solution online for less call us at (800) 506-0091.


First Aid Eyewash 1 oz

Lowest Price Guaranteed ! We will not be beat on price. If you see this first aid eyewash 1 oz online for less call us and we will beat the price.

Eyewash 1oz. offers quick soothing relief from minor eye irritations due to dust, sun glare, computer terminals and close work. The industrial strength eye drops help lubricate eyes and relieve redness.

This solution is ideal for use in a first aid situation or on a job site as a single dose eyewash unit to aid in removing non-toxic foreign particles.


  • Bottles are portable and readily available for use
  • Eyewash solution contain a buffered, saline solution that is sterile
  • User controlled volume delivery allowing user to deliver drops or an irrigating stream of solution

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