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Fire Extinguisher Cabinet- White Plastic- Indoor-

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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets won't dent, rust or corrode- made of injection molded, high impact, ABS plastic. These Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are the ideal way to blanket a building with fire extinguishers. These low-cost cabinets won't dent, rust or corrode and have plenty of storage space for fire extinguisher placement. Plus, their unique design eliminates a breaker bar and broken glass. Cabinets nest so they require less storage space and reduced shipping costs. An added benefit- MJM, M1M and M2M red cabinets are the only ones recommend for outdoor use.

LS M2JWCBR- White Tub w/ Red Cover for Indoor Use

6.25" X 9.375" X 20"

Max extinguisher height:

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