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First Aid Kit- Standard Metal First Aid kit- Filled

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First Aid Kit Portable

Equip your cars and trucks with these compact industrial vehicle first aid kits. Can be mounted behind the vehicle seat or stored in the trunk. This emergency first aid kit comes filled with the first aid kit contents you will need.

Portable First Aid Kit

These portable emergency first aid kits are ideal for: cars, trucks, boats and utility vehicles. They could even be used in a small office or remote jobsite where only a few people work at to ensure that proper first aid supplies are at all of your locations. 

Contents of our standard vehicle first aid kit:
*antiseptic spray 3 oz.,1
*1"x3" plastic strip band aids, 16
*1"x3" woven strip bandages, 16
*woven fingertip bandages,10
*woven knuckle bandages, 8
*triangular bandage,1
*disposable latex gloves in bag,2
*first aid guide,1
*ice pack small boxed,1
*wire scissors 4-1/2",1
*disposable tweezers, 1
*eyewash 4 oz.,1
*antispetic wipes, 4
*ammonia inhalants, 2
*gauze 2"x2",6
*2"x5 yards sterile conforming gauze,1
*adhesive tape 1/2"x5 yards,1

This standard metal industrial basic first aid kit measures:
9 1/2"x6 3/4"x 2 3/4".

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