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Insect Sting Relief, Ivy Rid, Sunscreen

Insect Sting Relief, Ivy Rid, Sunscreen

Our selection of insect sting relief products along with poison ivy gel and sunscreen is sure to keep you and your employees who work outside in the elements well protected from insects stings, the sun and that pesky poison ivy. 

Ivy Rid Spray offers you quick relief from the discomfort and itching from coming in contact with poison ivy and oak. It comes in a handy 3 ounce spray making it convenient to carry to remote sites. We offer a wide range of remedies for insect stings and bites such as nox a sting wipes, bug x insect repellent towelettes and the handy insect sting kits.

For one stop shopping, we offer the outdoor skin protection kit that comes in a handy zip bag for on the go protection from outdoor elements. 

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