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Footprints Pictorial- Floor Marking Stencils

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Footprint Pictorial Floor Marking Stencils help you to mark your plant and facility with easily recognizable symbols.

Floor Marking Stencils

Footprints Pictorial

Mark your plant and facility legibly and consistently with easily recognizable symbol and message.

Stencils provide the means to paint a message and symbol over and over again on floors and walls. Images are generally a 20" x 20" design, unless indicated, with 1.7" or greater high characters on a 24" x 24" panel. Durable stencils are accurately cut, tough 1/16" (.060") polyethylene plastic - to withstand rough handling. They are made to last long after the first round of use, for repeated storage and reuse. Flexible stencils are easy to clean - after paint has dried, roll the stencil to flake off paint.

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