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HVAC Filter Replacement Record Tag

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TRS257CTM cardstock 5/pk
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HVAC Filter Replacement Record Tag allows you to easily record when you replace your HVAC filter.

HVAC Filter Replacement Record Tag

cardstock 5/pkg

Size: 5 3/4" x 3 1/4"
Quantity: 5 per pack

Inspection & Status Record Tags

At a glance on the tag, be able to see the last recorded inspection and status of equipment.

Use record tags with multiple line spaces to record equipment and machinery inspection, servicing, an maintenance activities over a period of time. Status tags mark the changed situation of equipment needing attention and action required.

Tags allow you to record information on location. Workers are better informed about the status of equipment. Audits can be performed more efficiently when information can be sought right along with the equipment.

PF-Cardstock - Tear-resistant, Waterproof, Pulp-free - no wood pulp or paper content. Pliable 10-mil poly-based tags will not crack, distort, or shrink. Ideal for indoor and short-term outdoor conditions. Scuff-resistant, matte surface. 3/8" hole.

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