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Incident Command and Triage Kit on Wheels (37 Piece)

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Incident Command and Triage Kit on Wheels provides the necessary equipment in case of an emergency and an incident command center is needed along with triage kit. This Incident Command and Triage Kit contains items such as triage tarps, barricade tape, triage tags, radio, legend safety vest, bull horn and much more!

Incident Command and Triage Kit on Wheels 

Our ICS or Incident Command System and Triage Kit is on wheels which will help you to contain the items needed in case of an emergency as well as help you to navigate to the scene quickly and efficiently without having to carry this large kit and supplies.

ICS Kit (Incident Command and Triage Kit) Includes:

1 - Wheeled Duffle Bag
(30'' x 15'' x 15'')
1 - Set of Four Triage Tarps
1 - Command Post -
Barricade Tape
1 - Public Information Area -
Barricade Tape
1 - Staging Area -
Barricade Tape
1 - 50 pack Triage Tags
4 - Brass Whistle w/ Lanyard
4 - Legend Safety Vest
4 - Clipboards
4 - Golf Pencils
1 - Mighty Mega Mite Bull Horn

Also included in the Incident Command and Triage Kit:

2 - Commander Walkie Talkies
1 - FM / Weather / Shortwave Radio w/Light
4 - Green 12 hour Light Sticks
4 - Adult Ponchos
1 - NIMS Guide
1 - Incident Command and Triage Book
40 - Pages of Triage forms: (Patient Evaluation, Body Identification, Injury Assessment etc), Triage Instructions, ICS Instruction.Safety Vest Tags.

All included in a water resistance folder.

* weight: 60 lbs

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