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Keep Clear Skid Gard Floor SIgn

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Keep Clear Skid Gard Floor Sign marks your floor area with a safety message along with a high traction surface.

Skid-GardTM Floor Signs

Keep Clear

Mark floor areas with a message and high-traction surface.

Get the attention and remind those of safety around walkways, entrances and work areas with long-lasting anti-skid grit surfaced floor signs. See the attention-getting message right through the clear, yet coarse surface.

The rough surface helps maintain safe stepping on wet or greasy floors. This durable surface provides good grip, wear resistance, weatherability and water resistance under normal traffic conditions for both indoor and outdoor environments. 6" x 24" floor sign installs quickly with high-tack acrylic adhesive back. Peel off liner and adhere to clean, smooth, dry surface.

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