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Kevlar Burn Sleeves -24 Sleeves

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Kevlar Burn Sleeves are heat and flash resistant. They do a great job of protecting the wrist and forearm. These Kevlar Sleeves have a thumb slot to help keep the sleeve in place.

Kevlar Burn Sleeve

(1) Order = 24 Sleeves

Kevlar Burn Sleeve with Thumb Slot. Kevlar Burn Sleeves offer cut and slash protection with an inner layer of cotton to help wick away moisture.  The natural cotton inside these Kevlar Burn Sleeves are soft and more comfortable to wear against workers skin. Kevlar is the most cut resistant fiber. It is flame resistant and will not melt, ignite or conduct electricity. Since these sleeves won't burn they are great for working in the area of hot steam or exhaust pipes that might burn the forearm.

Kevlar Sleeves

Kevlar Sleeves are sold by the each. 18" Kevlar Sleeve with Thumb Slot. These sleeves are lightweight and comfortable. They are washable and long wearing. Kevlar Sleeves comply with FDA regulations for direct food contact. Kevlar sleeves are ideal for use in advanced manufacturing, automotive industry, electrical work, light heat applications, glass operations, sheet metal, food processing and meat packing.

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