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Life StartSystem

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LIFE®StartSystem™ for industrial and office workplace first-aid programs and first responders, provides 15+ minute supply for first-aid emergency oxygen administration, and if needed before fibrillation or after successful defibrillation.

Smaller than a briefcase at 12"x12"x3" it weighs only 8 pounds.

It is durable and water resistant, complete with LIFE-O2® Emergency Oxygen unit with 6&12 LPM "Norm & High" Regulator which provides AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen.

Disposable/Replaceable (or refillable) 113 liter Cylinder, non-prescription, shipped full ready-to-use, with knurled-knob On/Off valve, constant reading supply gauge with simple full-to-empty symbols, always visible through clear window, and LIFE® CPR Mask that universally fits Adult & Child. Patented (Purchase Philips OnSite AED separately) 

LIFE® 612™ models deliver both the minimum of 6 LPM and the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen at 12 LPM, in just two simple settings which read "NORM" & "HIGH".

Only LIFE Corporation offers the simple 6&12 LPM flow rates. American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR Oxygen
►"... give 100% inspired oxygen during Basic Life Support
... and Advanced Cardiac Life Support ... (BLS & ACLS)
... as soon as it becomes available."
►"... use supplemental a flow rate of 10-12 LPM
... to enable delivery of 100% inspired oxygen" (initially).

* Oxygen unit included but, AED unit NOT included

LIFE Smart Start Brochure

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