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Look 'n Stop Group Lock Box Accuform KCC624

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This stop sign shaped lock n stop group lock box is an attention getter alerting those around to stop and think. It features a top carry handle for easy portability to the actual lockout location.

Look 'n Stop Group Lock Box
Accuform KCC624

STOPOUT® Look ‘n Stop Group Lock Box
Look to view the keys and padlocks in a secure lock box that is shaped to say STOP!

Four rows of aluminum strips contain 16 hooks to hang keys – identifiable through the clear front cover. Once closed, holes and slots along the edges of box and cover align. Secure with up to 44 padlocks (sold separately). Plus, there is a hole on the left backside for a supervisor’s padlock.

• Cover pry-guard edge provides security when using minimal padlocks
• Visible safety red shows through the clear front cover
• Familiar octagon box shape conveys STOP message
• Front cover slides to hinge open and close
• 13" x 13" x 3 1/2" box made of durable, impact-resistant plastic, designed for industrial environments

Each padlock represents a worker on the lockout project. Each padlock removed signifies the worker has completed their portion of the project. Yet there is no access to the keys of the locked out devices until the last padlock is removed.

Additional features of the lock box include:
• Top carry handle for portability to lockout location
• Two rear keyholes for wall mounting
• Flange foot to set down on flat surface
• Front slot to drop in additional keys after lockout procedures have started

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