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Low Pressure Supplied Air Respirator Hood- 100% Disposable Economy Poly-Pro Hood

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Disposable Supplied Air Respirator Hood- 9910-E is totally disposable allowing you to throw away the entire respirator after use.

Disposable Supplied Air Respirator Hood- 9910-E
100% Disposable Economy Poly-Pro Respirator Hood

NIOSH Approved

• Entire unit completely disposable
• Poly propylene material
• Large viewing window
• Disposable suspension
• Comes with OBAC quick connect fitting

Our completely disposable respirator hood allows the user to throw the entire respirator away after use. It comes with all the proven features of the Allegro hoods but, incorporates the use of fully disposable coated polypropylene material along with a disposable suspension and breathing air tube. This convenient design works well in painting environments or where dirty atmosphere is an issue. The respirator hood is comfortable and has a large viewing window and incorporates an adjustable head suspension. Includes a unique, poly, disposable OBAC quick connect. NIOSH approval number TC-19C-433.

HOOD: • Double Polyethylene coated, Polypropylene material • Seams surged to seal in the air flow • Generous size is ideal for workers with beards and goggles • Large lens for better visibility

DOWNTUBE: • Meets NIOSH requirements for sound levels inside a hood • Located behind the hood, allowing it to be out of the way • Corrugated flexible and lightweight material for greater comfort and less fatigue

LENS: • Clear 15 mil co-polyester (PETG) • Panoramic view • Minimized distortion • Large 8” x 14” viewing area

BELT ASSEMBLY: • Low profile nylon adjustable waist belt • Plastic clip to restrain airline hose from pulling on the hood

NIOSH APPROVAL: (use only Allegro approved airline hose). Use with our 9100-25, 9100-50 or 9100-100 breathing airline hoses. 

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