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Park Sentry - Plank - Yellow - Carton of 4

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Park Sentry Column Protectors are specifically engineered to protect vehicles and garage columns against damage. The thin design of Park Sentry Column Protectors allow vehicles to park closer to columns and won't scratch automotive paint finishes.

Park Sentry- plank- yellow- carton of 4 - Planks Only

The World's First Effective Bump-N-Go Collision Protector

Park Sentry® is a new, attractive way to add a layer of effective protection around parking structure columns. Park Sentry adds a soft, scratch-resistant layer of protection around concrete columns, protecting both columns and vehicles from collision damage. Easily applied with few or no tools, Park Sentry® increases the visibility of the column to help avoid collisions altogether. With Park Sentry installed, vehicles can confidently park closer to the columns, virtually expanding the usable parking space.

Molded from a thin layer of specifically engineered ARPRO® material, Park Sentry buffers the column with scratch-free padding. Park Sentry's unique design offers extra protection in the 90 degree corners where most collision damage occurs. Park Sentry can be customized to fit any square or rectangular concrete column. Ideal for car-park applications because it maximizes protection without sacrificing parking space. Park Sentry covers the "splash zone" preventing column corrosion from road salts and debris.

Superior Material Protects Vehicles and Columns

* Made of ARPRO®, a high-tech material specifically engineered to absorb impact
* Oil, chemical, water and flame resistant and 100% recyclable
* Thin design virtually adds space to parking structures – vehicles can
now park closer to columns
* Interlocks at corners for edge-to-edge protection
* Specially designed flat panels give progressive resistance, offering
soft protection for slight bumps, and more resistance when needed
to absorb harder collisions
* Extra thickness at corners to resist damage at the most vulnerable spots

Reduces garage maintenance, improves appearance

* Hides damaged columns and walls without expensive paint job
* Seamless design modernizes the look of any garage
* Available in 2 standard colors: black & yellow
* Custom colors available upon request

Infinitely customizable to fit any column

* Installs in minutes
* Default size fits 24" x 24"/61cm x 61cm
* Cutting guides for error-free downsizing
* Cuts easily to fit around poles, pipes and curbs
* Extensions available to fit flat walls and larger columns

Installs in Minutes

* No tools necessary
* Modular pieces interlock using the included key-lock system
* Can be mechanically attached to walls for added security
* Replacement pieces can be attached without replacing
the entire structure

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