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Pocket-net Barrier Fence- Orange 4 ft x 150 ft Mesh Fence

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Barrier and Barricades: Pocket-Net™ Barrier Fence



4 ft x 150 ft

Style: Mesh Fence


Pocket-Net Barrier Fence is lightweight and flexible for the easy and quick set up as a temporary fence or barrier and fence. The Pocket Net Barrier Fence can be easily cut with scissors and installs onto ground posts easily.

Pocket-Net Barrier Fence

Lightweight for portability and flexible for easy and quick set-up as a temporary fence or barrier. Also ideal as a snow fence. >br>
Pocket-Net fence weighs just 14-lbs. per 150-ft roll, yet has the strength of traditional barricade fences. Mesh-knit construction of interwoven, double-ply strands of UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene. Very flexible and stretchable, the fence maintains a ''positive'' tension for installation and going around corners. Easily cuts with scissors.

Install and secure the fence onto ground posts without the need for cable ties, straps, staples or weaving the post. The bottom pocket openings, every three inches, slips over ground posts (top is sewn closed). Included inner sleeves and post caps are for ease of installation with added benefits: inner sleeves for pocket openings minimize post abrasions and post caps protect from sharp post tops. Mesh fence is availble with three 1-in reflective aluminized polyester strips sewn in for low light and nighttime visibility. Included are 16 inner sleeves and 16 post caps.

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