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Potomac Emergency Escape Mask

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Emergency Escape Mask for biological and chemical terror threats including: Anthrax, Cyanide, Sarin and Smallpox. Ultra- Compact.

Potomac Emergency Escape Mask

The POTOMAC® Emergency Escape Mask was designed to provide certified protection for biological and chemical terror threats - including anthrax, cyanide, sarin, and smallpox - by helsatech® of Germany, a leading manufacturer of nuclear, biological and chemical defense products for military and civilian use. There is no comparable product on the market today.

The 1995 chemical terror attacks in Tokyo - where combined cyanide and sarin agents were used - provided the impetus behind the intensive research and development of the unique, full-face, lightweight Potomac Emergency Escape Mask, providing emergency respiratory and eye protection.

The POTOMAC Emergency Escape Mask protects from toxic and lethal effects of biological/chemical terror meets or exceeds international performance standards.

ONLY POTOMAC Emergency Escape Mask is ultra compact - it fits in a purse or briefcase, so you can carry it anywhere. It is ultra lightweight - weighs less than 1/2 pound (220 grams) compared to others on the market, which average 10 pounds. The Potomac emergency escape mask can be put on in 6 seconds - when every second counts.

* Lightweight folded dual-filter design mask comes sealed in a compact foil bag that fits in one hand
* Silicone, facial-conforming, instant-fit mask body provides excellent sealing
* Two large filters accommodate high-volume air flow, allowing for heavy exertion and stress during an emergency escape situation
* Precision one-way exhalation valve maintains easy exhaling
* Excellent speech transmission; telephones, cell phones and microphones can be easily used
* No mouthpieces or nose clips that can hamper communication
* No claustrophobic feeling like with many hooded masks
* No dangerous, time-consuming caps to remove or filter canisters to screw into mask
* Anti-fogging eye lenses of rigid polycarbonate also provide impact protection
* One size fits most adults.

The POTOMAC ® Emergency Escape Mask is produced in one size suitable for most faces. It is estimated that more than 80% of the population and more than 97% of adults, have facial dimensions suitable for the mask. Generally, the mask fits children who are ten years old or older.

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