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Safety Scoreboard- Home Sweet Home

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Electronic Safety Scoreboard allows you to electronically keep up with safe working days while keeping your employees motivated to continue working safely.

Safety Scoreboard- Home Sweet Home Work Safe Work We have Proudly Worked ### Days without a Lost Time Accident- 28" x 20"

Safety Counts..... Keep track of safe days!

Eliminate the daily hassle of changing and writing in the number of safe days on a safety scoreboard sign.
The digital numbers for safe days:
* Advance by one, every 24 hours, automatically
* Stand out in brightly lit, red LED numbers
* Heighten the awarness and visibility of Safe Days!
* Safe days can be set for the actual time to change

Set it and run it- all from a remote control

The Digi-Day Safety Scoreboard is controlled from a handheld remote device. The small, thin remote control fits squarely within the palm of your hand. The remote control's six button design enables the user to quickly input the desired functions. It's easy to use!
* Plug in the Digi- Day safety scoreboard
* Stand up to 20 ft away and point the remote control
* Set the safe day count
* Set the actual time of day
* Set the time of day for your display to change

You are done! The Digi Day safety scoreboard now runs automatically.

If powre is lost the last number is saved and it returns when the power is restored.

There are no functions on the LED display itself. It is all controlled by the remote- put it away until needed- which makes Digi Day Virtually tamper-proof!
* setting instructions are included
* display has indicator to signal a power loss

Digi Day Electronic Scoreboard takes the chore out of changing safe days. Celebrate every safe day that automatically advances towards a potentially new record number of days!

Specifications: 4- digit LED display, featuring large 2 1/2" high numbers, is installed on 28" H x 20" W plastic scoreboard sign surrounded by aluminum frame with easy mounting brackets. Operates on 120 VAC, 60 Hz with 6 ft power cord and plug end.

NOTE: For INDOOR use only

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