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Safety Scoreboard with Digi Day - customized to meet your needs SCT906

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Safety Scoreboard with Digi Day can be customized to meet your facilities needs. This Safety Scoreboard is backlit with the legend being illuminated from behind.

Safety Scoreboard BACKLIT Sign 3'x6' signal light scoreboard with 2 1/2" Digi Day Plus Display
- this sign does NOT come with the moving message display (see product SCT 915 for this feature)

Promote safety awareness in a big way, with a Backlit Signal Safety Scoreboard. The three signal lights promote the safety status in your facility, while the scoreboard's numbering system allows you to track the number of "Safe Working" days.

Shed Some Light On Safety

The Backlit Signal Safety Scoreboard is available in two styles- * a standard scoreboard or a ** backlit safety scoreboard with the legend illuminated from behind. The backlit safety scoreboard features a three signal traffic light, which can be steady on or flashing (optional). All lights are individually controlled by switches on the bottom of the scoreboard.

Personalized Safety Scoreboard
The easy to read legend may be customized to reflect the specific needs of your facility. This offers you the freedom to personalize the safety scoreboard's legend in respect to colors, wording, layout etc. At NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Standard Features Include:
* Aluminum frame
* PVC plastic facing
* 4 wall brackets with 3/8" holes for mounting
* 8 ft power cord with grounded plug (110 VAC)

** This sign does not include the moving message display- see product # SCT915 for this feature

* This item requires additional shipping based on your shipping zip code. We will contact you with the exact shipping charges prior to charging your credit card. You will not be charged until we receive your approval of the shipping rate.

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