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Semi Custom Safety Scoreboard Digi Day 2- Safety Is Green SCG143

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Semi Custom Digi Day 2 Safety Scoreboard- 28" X 20" works to help you identify safe days to motivate employees. Display can be set to count days or to flash between days, date and clock.

Digi-Day 2™ Electronic Scoreboards


Safety is Green

Identify safe days and motivate employees with a scoreboard featuring your company or department name.

Safety Scoreboards count up in GREEN automatically each day to keep track of your company’s accident-free workdays and motivate employees to work safely. If a lost time accident occurs you can set the display to RED until your department or company reaches your new safe days goal. It’s an eye-catching, interactive way to inform and alert employees while promoting safety!

• Innovative, durable, frameless construction
• Made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum
• Image goes right to the edge then wraps around
• 2" deep visual edge for unmistakable visual impact
• Display count can be set to freeze or hold
• In a power failure, all information is stored
• Tamper-proof display easily sets with handheld remote control
• Built-in hidden rear mounting brackets

Eliminate the daily hassle of changing and writing in the number of safe days on a safety scoreboard sign.

The digital numbers for Safe Days:
Advance by one, every 24 hours, automatically
Stand out in brightly lit, red LED numbers
Heighten the awareness and visibility of Safe Days!

Four-digit display with 2 1 /2" high numbers
28" x 20" x 2" plastic sign printed with available full-color graphics
Aluminum frame with easy mounting brackets

Operates on 110VAC, 60 Hz with 6-ft. power cord and adapter plug end.
Note: For indoor use only

Set It & Run It
It’s quick to set up the digital display – even for an existing ‘safe days’ program already in place. Set it to the number of days and with the internal clock, it runs the counter automatically. Display is tamper-resistant.
If power is lost, the last number is saved and it returns when power is restored.
If a lost time or OSHA recordable accident occurs, you can change the display from green to red until you reach your new safe days goal. 

Operating instructions included.

Celebrate every Safe Day, as they automatically advance towards a potentially new record number of Safe Days!

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