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Mini Digi Day Electronic Safety Scoreboard

Mini  Digi Day Electronic Safety Scoreboards

Mini Safety Scoreboards Ship FREE !

Every day counts... with this scoreboard fitting perfectly at any location. Place the Mini Digi-Day® safety scoreboard at any indoor location – on the desktop, shelf, table, wall, or any space to promote safe work days or healthy lifestyle goals. It is ideal for office environments such as the front lobby, reception desk, and customer service areas. Eliminate the daily need to write in numbers. Digi-Day® technology counts it up. 

• 14" x 10" plastic scoreboard with LCD display 
• Battery operated
• Low profile design - less than 1" thick 
• Stand-up with included clear polycarbonate stands
• Keyholes on back for optional wall mounting

Mini Digi-Day® Specifications:
• Four digit, black LCD 1 1/2"H numbers display
• Display is set with combination rear buttons
• Set safe work day numbers, time, time to change
• Internal clock automatically advances your safe days – every 24 hours
• Operates on lithium battery (included)
• For indoor use

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