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Speakman Laboratory Eyewash

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SE-575-DP-238 Speakman Laboratory Eyewash that is barrier free wall mounted for wheelchair accessibility. We offer a full line of Speakman Emergency Eyewash and Shower Units.

Speakman Laboratory Eyewash SE-575-DP-238

Speakman Laboratory products are designed to accommodate the needs of laboratories by offering a number of configurations ensuring the perfect fit for virtually any application by minimizing the space needed for emergency equipment while offering maximum safety protection. The SE-575-DP-238 is a wall mounted swing down activated eye/face wash in a recessed stainless steel cabinet with soft flow spray outlets. The SE-575-DP-238 features extended arms for wheelchair accessibility and includes a drain pan to capture & drain flushing fluid. The unit also includes a drop down chrome-plated shower head with stainless steel access panel which activated when the handle is pulled down. The SE-575-DP-238 includes a universal emergency sign and is compliant to the ANSI Z358.1 standard.

  • Wall mounted
  • Swing down activation
  • Recessed stainless steel cabinet
  • Extended eyewash arms for wheelchair accessibility and drain pan
  • Meets ANSI 358.1




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